Our Story

The Freedom Isn’t Free ride Foundation™ is a non-profit organization which raises money to assist veterans who fall through the cracks and do not qualify for other assistance in getting housing. Married veterans without children are often not able to receive help in securing housing through programs currently in existence to service the veteran population. As a result of experiencing this first hand, Spc. Edgett founded the Freedom Isn’t Free ride Foundation™ to pay it forward and help these veterans. Through donations and fundraising events, the Freedom Isn’t Free ride Foundation™ assists such veterans with deposit monies for home rentals as well as for setting up utility accounts, with the understanding that the funds are to be returned, upon termination of lease or account, to the organization so as to help other veterans.

The board of directors is currently made up of SPC. Russell Edgett, the founder, his wife Sabine Edgett, CEO/COO, and her brother Eric Tornay, VP Logistics; additionally, Alexander Gurevich and MCPO Richard Iannucci, Ret. complete the advisory board. Two main events occur yearly. First the Freedom Isn’t Free ride™, a charity motorcycle ride through 60 miles of scenic Fairfield county and second a charity gala honoring a distinguished veteran who also pays it forward and helps out veterans. As the organization grows trustees and other board members will be added. The organization looks to expand the number of events during the year as it grows. The more monies raised, the more veterans the organization can help.

The Freedom Isn’t Free ride Foundation™ also raises awareness of veteran issues and needs in the community as it helps veterans meet their housing needs. It connects veterans to real estate agents familiar with such issues and needs as well as can connect veterans to other organizations which can assist them with other needs or treatments in addition to the VA.