Posted by Sabine Edgett on Jun 18, 2020

At this time Russell Edgett should be on day 2 of his 9 day walk to DC to bring awareness to the invisible wounds our veterans suffer with everyday. Unfortunately due to COVID19 this event like all prior events was cancelled. Things are reopening but the crossing of so many states as well as accomodations not being available made this endeavor impossible. In the spirit of this event Russell is walking for the 9 days throughout Fairfield county, Connecticut. He will complete his 9 days of walking by walking to Redding police department and back on Friday 26 June instead of completing the walk to DC at the Capitol building.

This Awareness walk has been rescheduled for next year with the same goal of arriving at the Capitol building around lunchtime on Friday 25 June in honor of Sunday 27 June being PTSD Awarenss Day. More specifics on start date, route, etc. will be forthcoming in the next several months. Thank you to everyone who pledged their support.

The Freedom Isn't Free ride Foundation continues to go out daily to check-in with our homeless veterans, provide them something to eat and necessities, engage them in conversation and assess them for increases in anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms and suicidal ideation so as to connect them with the appropriate peer counselors to help them.