Posted by Sabine Edgett on Apr 14, 2020

Due to the COVID - 19 pandemic life for most of us has changed. For our homeless veterans it has also changed but in a worse way. Our homeless veterans can't stay home because they don't have a home. They are at higher risk because of their deployments overseas and issues related to burnpits and other conditional events of being in Iraq or Afghanistan. They aren't eating very much if at all because everyone else is safe at home. As a result we at The Freedom Isn't Free ride Foundation, have been out checking in with them daily and providing something to eat and/or necessities to help them through this extremely difficult time. Our fundraising events have been cancelled so we're operating on a shoestring but no matter we will not let them down. We leave no fallen comrade behind, ever. These men and women fought for us, our country and our freedoms. Not only should they not have to fight for their basic needs , they should not be forgotten. The Freedom Isn't Free ride Foundation will continue to provide assistance to our homeless veterans throughout this crisis and beyond. Right now using our own limited funds, we could use your help. Please help us help them by making a donation using the button below. Every bit helps and is appreciated.